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Safe Residential Electric Service

Protect your home and upgrade your power systems with state-of-the-art work by Grove City Electric Inc.

When you're building a new home, we'll ensure you're getting the best applications and conveniences in it. When you're remodeling, we can add new features that will update the way you live.

Let Electricity Work for You

  • Voice-activated Systems
  • Improved lighting, including LED upgrades
  • Smart home technology with automated functions
  • Rewiring for deluxe entertainment rooms
  • Cost-effective climate controls
  • Generator installation
Residential lighting

Guard Against Electrical Surges

Increased electrical use in your home makes life more convenient, but you're exposing your appliances and other devices to damage during storms and lightning strikes. 

Let us wire special whole-house surge protection directly into your main electrical breaker so electric spikes don't cause costly accidents.

Call 941-698-9125 today to learn more about how we can protect your home from transient surges.
Residential lighting
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